A Book about Ray Larabie

In 2011, a student of typography embarked on a journey to discover the designer behind a treasure trove of free fonts on her computer. This discovery led to Ray Larabie, a type designer who has created hundreds of type families since the mid-1990s (many of which were released for free). As a result, Larabie’s fonts have been used across the globe in every imaginable way. The prolific & DIY nature of Larabie inspired the creation of this book, which was designed solely with fonts from the Larabie and Typodermic Font collections. Also included are many real-life examples of Larabie’s fonts in use, as well as an in-depth interview conducted in 2011. We invite you to explore the inspiring, quirky, and beautiful forms of Ray Larabie – The Prince of Fonts.

Have you seen a Larabie/Typodermic font in use? Are you using such a font in a project? Share a photo in our Fonts-In-Use Gallery.

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The Fonts

Just about everything you need to begin accessing fonts created by Ray Larabie can be found at the various links below.


This website is using Typekit to render most text and features members of the Madawaska & Fenwick  type families.